Fronted Development is something I adore. My biggest passion is to deliver meaningful software focused on a streamlined user centered design and performance.


I am getting highly enthusiastic from server side applications, API's, NodeJS, Python, databases, security, requests andresponds. The whole shebang.


Nothing can reach it's potential without a streamlined build and deploy process. Let's provide continuous delivery with high software quality.

3D Printing

I love the concept of 3d printing. I have three functional printers myself and i provide print services in a couple of different materials.

Smart Home

I have a lot of experience with smart home devices. Zigbee, Matter, Zwave, Wifi, Bluetooth, you name it. I can help you with your smart home.


Everything with an ip address have my interest. Love it.

I am always up for a nice talk about innovative ideas or new projects to work on.

Living and working in
Amsterdam, NL